Vector FULL 1.1.0

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Vector is a parkour game that lets your experience what it is like to run away from bad guys that are trying to catch up with you. Immerse yourself in the world of adrenalin and non-stop action. This time you will have to try to escape from a complete totalitarianism regime that has managed to take over. The Big Brother is looking for you and you will have to be quick and smart in order to escape. Luckily, you have everything what it takes to run away, like physical skills and great stamina. Bad guys will try to catch you and put you where you belong, or at least they think they know where you belong.

Vector FULL

They want to make you a part of their system. They don’t know that you are a kind of an urban ninja, who can perform incredible tricks, run, jump and climb walls. You have dedicated your life to these training sessions and now nobody can touch you. A simple and extremely efficient control system will allow you to perform tricks fast and not lose any time in the process. With every attempt, you will all be better off going through the track and learn how to do more tricks. In the end, only the most skillful players will be able to receive three stars on all routes. Can you become one of the best parkour performers in the world?

Vector FULL

You can prove it now and this will also save your life! The game features an arcade gameplay and smooth animation, just like in the games like Shadow Fight because it was made by the same team. The stunts will look absolutely realistic! Enjoy running through more than 40 different tracks. Every player can try and see just how well he can do. It is really easy to get immersed in this world of stunts and crazy action! Feel the taste of freedom because this is your chance to run away from a system that can only harm you. You are fighting for a noble cause and your skills will serve this purpose!