Turbo FAST 2.1.19

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Turbo FAST is your source for spectacular races on Android devices. This game was created based on the popular cartoon featuring snails. This is an unusual vehicle, because snails are not known for being very fast. Competition here is going to be rough, but you will be able to upgrade your vehicle and customize it with different paints. Increase its power to get the chance to come first more often. Speed is everything you need, but don’t forget about your driving skills. Try to complete with all 9 tracks with clear victories while performing different tasks. There are things that you may even run out of, like fuel and time.

Turbo FAST

Become a new leader of the snail tournaments! Take the highest spot on the podium with Turbo Fast, a cool and stylish racing game for mobile devices. Going fast in not a problem here, but will you be able to handle all this power? Challenge your friends in order to improve your vehicle and show them who the fastest snail on the track is. Delicious tomato prizes are waiting for you on the finish line! You will get assistance from Tito, who will show you around and help you improve your favorite vehicle from the garage. He will teach you a lot of useful things. You will have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, like drifting, jumping, gliding and performing all kinds of stunts.

Turbo FAST

Enjoy 13 unique and difficult tracks racing against capable opponents. Play against your friends for special prizes in the form of tasty tomatoes. Race against time, having limited fuel and different rivals. All kinds of customization options can be used to increase the speed of your vehicle of offer a special and unique design. Use new paints and neon lighting to impress your rivals. Record your favorite moments from your races and show them to your friends. Leaderboards allow you to compare your progress and results with the achievements of friends and the top players.