Terraria 1.2.12785

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Terraria is the game that will remind you of all the great games of the past, thanks to its graphics and overall feel. Here you will have the opportunity to dog, fight, explore new territories and build new objects from the existing items. Millions of players around the world have already joined the community or Terrarians and are now enjoying this wonderful game on a daily basis. It will entertain you endlessly and you will completely forget about everything else that’s going on in the world. Hours of enjoyment are guaranteed with this adventure. If you liked playing this game on a console or a PC then this will absolutely become your favorite game on mobile devices.


Although it shares many features with other games that have the same concept, it is different enough in offering a different perspective on crafting, fighting and telling its main story. There will be times when you won’t believe the turn of events it has taken. This game does require more performance from your mobile device because of its extended world building, so make sure that you are all set and ready to experience this game to its maximum capability. Every world vastly differs one from another. You will encounter a floating world here as well as an underworld. Embark on this journey to explore different lands and fight with powerful bosses as you go along.


This is a world where anything can happen and it depends on you what happens next. Feel the consequences of your decisions and actions! There are many types of enemies and you will have to learn their tricks, but this won’t be very difficult because you will face them quite often. You can create and craft all sorts of things, like potions, weapons, armor and much more. Use everything that you find to strengthen your inventory! There are many types of blocks, so channel your imagination for more ideas!