Temple Run 2 1.48.0

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Temple Run 2 has got even more cool things for players around the world to explore. With millions of downloads it has proved once and for all that players do want to escape from the Temple. With new and redefined gameplay it has gained even more followers! Join the exhilarating adventure together with its main hero whose main goal is to run while avoiding various obstacles on his way. You will have to run, jump, slide and duck in order to progress through the game. Just how fast do you think can you run with all the mayhem that’s happening around you?

Temple Run 2

The cursed idol is your trophy and in order to keep it you will have to move through the zip lines, forests and dangerous cliffs. Everything depends on you and the speed of your reactions. Are you prepared to show the best results? The second installment features amazingly gorgeous improved graphics with a never-seen-before level of detail for this genre. The animation is smooth and offers a realistic feel. Environments provide a great feel and create an atmosphere of danger and adventure at the same time. Game includes new sets of unexpected obstacles and you will have to adapt quickly or else you won’t be able to pass the challenges.

Temple Run 2

Use various powerups to your advantage and never let your guard down! Complete the achievements and score maximum amounts of points. Each character in the game comes with special powers, so make sure to choose your favorite one! Now you are all set and ready to step into the wild world of crazy adventures and difficult obstacles. You will have to act quickly or else your game will end very fast. This game for Android mobile devices is among those that can be enjoyed for many hours in a row. Join this adventure and prove to yourself and other that you can be the best when it comes to speed and skills!