Subway Surfers – Monaco 1.87.0

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Subway Surfers is what you have been waiting for. A ride of adrenaline rush is guaranteed if you step into this world of speed and action. There is no time to waste, so begin your adventure right now! Join the worldwide chase! The community of Subway Surfers encompasses millions of players around the world. You will have to show a wide variety of movements in order to escape. Your goal is not only to run away from the grumpy inspector, but also do it in style. You will have a whole arsenal of tricks up your sleeve to make the most out of it. Help Jake run away with the help of a surfing board.

Subway Surfers

All the movements, such as jumping, sliding, movements to the left and to the right will be executed with the help of gestures. You will also have your trustful rocket backpack that is going to make you move much faster! Collect all the bonuses and rewards on your way and climb the ranking on the leaderboards. It is an extremely colorful and quick-paced game with absolutely outstanding graphics, an incredible sound design and dynamic soundtrack. The smooth animation and HD graphics won’t let you miss any single detail! Your speed is all you have and acceleration is your key to victory!

Subway Surfers

There will be many obstacles on your way and it is up to you to try to avoid every single one of them in a matter of microseconds. Choose your favorite character and try to escape the pursuit orchestrated by the angry inspector and his dog partner. Your cool team has everything that’s needed in order to escape, don’t lose any single chance to do this. Challenge your friends and beat their scores or see if you can help them on their mission. All the movements in the game are executed incredibly fast, so make sure to be focused if you want to complete the game. Your team needs your help, so make sure to perform as well as possible!