Soul Knight 1.7.6

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Are you ready for limitless adventures in the land of medieval magicians and warriors? This is the era of the swords, where everything depends on your skills and wit. The magic stone, which maintained balance in our world, was stolen by a high-tech alien race. The fate of the world in now in a big danger and who knows what will happen. Will you be able to return this precious artifact? Everything depends on you in this situation! Your journey is very important for the history of mankind and its survival. It is a terrible turn of events and you must put an end to this chaos. The humanity cannot simply accept this.

Soul Knight

So, now you are tasked with shooting down alien henchmen! This game doesn’t only present an interesting concept, but it also allows you to experience what the life would be if extraterrestrials decided to mess with human race. Explore the dungeons, collect insanely powerful weapons, evade bullets and shoot everyone down! The game features intuitive simple controls, incredibly smooth and exciting gameplay and a lot of different moves. Enjoy the best shooter for Android mobile devices. You will be able to try your skills by using different characters in the game. The awesome selection of more than 170 weapons will make it easier for you to take down the alien invader forces.

Soul Knight

Randomly generated dungeons represent always a new gaming experience each time you try to complete the game. You will not be alone in this journey with other detailed characters battling on your side. Don’t worry about your aim. A special aiming system will allow you to take down aliens really effectively. Much more interesting features are waiting for you in the game. See what you can do against such an evil and tricky alien force! You can rely only on your own skills and don’t forget that you are humanity’s only hope!