Smash Hit (Premium) 1.4.0

download Smash Hit (Premium) 1.4.0 for free

Would you like to know what it is like to play in an absolutely surreal world where the laws of physics are the only familiar thing that would remind you of home? Smash Hit is exactly that. If you like the feel of an otherworldly atmosphere than this game is what you were looking for, as it has everything that will make you feel very far from home. Don’t try to comprehend everything that’s going to happen on the screen and just try to enjoy the atmosphere together with the incredible soundtrack. Immerse yourself in the world of Smash Hit!

Smash Hit (Premium)

The goal of this game is to crash, smash and destroy everything you come in contact with the help of your spheres. This will be a wild ride for any player because you will have to pierce through different dimensions going in tact with the music. Even though the concept of the game sounds like something very simplistic, it offers and experience close to virtual reality. You will have to keep your focus level high in order to figure out a way to fly as far as possible, breaking through various illusionary like worlds. Pierce through beautiful glass structures as you go along! You can travel really far if you keep doing the right thing.

Smash Hit (Premium)

Enjoy the colorful effects of destruction. Those possess a never-seen-before level of realism. This futuristic world will provide you with some of the best imagery in the mobile gaming world. Every obstacle will sound in a unique way when you attempt to smash through it. Different kind of music will play in each of the dimensions, so the gameplay is completely synchronized to the audio effects and the soundtrack. Enjoy over 50 different places with unique graphic designs. The well put together game physics will surprise you with the incredible level of realism when it comes to destruction of different colorful objects.