Slime Pizza 1.0.5

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Do you like pizza? You will have to deal with this delicious meal in Slime Pizza puzzle game. You are a slime Pizza’s delivery boy and your ship crash lands. This results in all the pizzas getting scattered all over the place! Now you will have to collect all the pieces of pizza that are within your reach. However, this planet you have crash landed on has a very strict patrol officer system that is going to make it much more difficult for you to gather together all the pizza pieces. Various dangerous obstacles will be getting in your way, but your slime pal is capable of many amazing things that will get you out of any danger.

Slime Pizza

Among his special abilities is the skill to stick to the wall surfaces. This will allow you to get into places you wouldn’t be able without this skill. Avoid many dangers! Absorbing items is another skill available to your slime. You will be able to see through your slime delivery boy and see what exactly he has absorbed. Get the possibility to travel across multiple themed levels. There are a big number of secret rooms and you can try to find them all! See what exactly is hidden inside them. Your task is simple. You have to avoid all obstacles and dangers that get in your way.

Slime Pizza

There is a large variety of them. You can’t lose any time! Get ready to gather as much pizza as you can and return to your initial mission. Deliver that pizza, because the customers are still waiting! Graphics are really nice and offer a joyful atmosphere. You play with a really cute character whose abilities are some of the most interesting you’ve ever seen! It is difficult to imagine of how many cool things slime is capable of. Learn to control his abilities and find your way to the pieces of pizza through different levels. It is time to get that pizza delivered at last!