Real Steel World Robot Boxing 34.34.998

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download Real Steel World Robot Boxing 34.34.998 for free

Get ready to experience the thrills of incredible battles in this multiplayer game that millions of players around the world have already downloaded. Participate in tournaments and try to win in your league. Take the top of the leaderboards and win the title of the champion. Become the undisputed champion and the greatest competitor of the World League of Robot boxing. Become the best of the best in the advanced boxing game, in which giant robots inflict maximum damage. Run at the enemy with a string of deadly jabs, uppercuts and special moves to win the world champion belt. Get trophies and knock out your friends from the competition!

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

At your disposal are 58 unique fighting vehicles with a height of more than 4 meters and weighing more than 1 ton. Among them you can find robots and such legends and fans favorites, as – Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities. Show your real fighting talents in multiplayer battles, conducted in real time. Play in career and multiplayer modes, as well as in the new “Winner gets everything” mode to become a champion in all categories. Create a team of your favorite sports robots and fight legends in exciting arenas and stadiums. Temper your robot in battles and improve it so that it becomes even stronger, faster and angrier.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Change the color of your robot according to your vision and have fun at the glory in the paint shop! Win contests and flaunt your achievements in the new trophy room. Dominate on 11 huge arenas, which crack under the pressure of these giant heavyweights. Play this official boxing game based on the famous movie Real Steel. Choose your champion robot from the movie and engage immediately into battles with high stakes. Follow the news, events and videos from competitions. There is a lot to be seen and experienced here. If you want to participate in really exciting battles, then this is your best option.