Real Racing 3 6.3.0

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Real Racing 3 is an extremely well received game with many awards and positive reviews from players and critics. This game has set a new bar for racing simulators. It is time to experience a totally new level of realism together with well known car brands from around the world. With millions of downloads this game has become one of the most popular racing simulators. Enjoy the constantly expending list of certified tracks from various locations. What defines this game is the huge selection of licensed cars from the best car manufacturers. Race against a maximum of 43 cars on the starting grid.

Real Racing 3

There are more than 100 powerful sports and super cars you can select from. Legends like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and others are waiting for you. Do you have what it takes to drive and manage these unstoppable cars? The gameplay allows you to race against real players at any time. Choose the racing time, because you can drive even at night. The graphics in this game are simply superb with an incredible level of detail. You will be able to feel every bump on the track. The characteristics of the cars are replicated very close to their originals. Real tracks are waiting for you to conquer them, like the one in Dubai, Le mans, Silverstone or legendary Hockenheimring.

Real Racing 3

Get in the slipstream of the leading car and fight for the first spot on the podium. Your car needs upgrades in order to win races more easily. Improve its engine, suspension, gear box and other key characteristics. Possibilities for customization of the design of your car are almost limitless. Check the new selection of paints, vynils and tires. Customize the controls and watch playbacks of your races. Everything will seem real, even the damage to your cars will try to replicate the real situation as close as possible.