Pou 1.4.77

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Taking care of a pet may not be as easy as it sounds. Meet Pou – a perfect pet for everybody who is values responsibility. Pou is a funny little pet that can’t really be categorized. He is extremely smart, but still needs your care and attention in order to stay happy. Do you have everything what it takes to take care of your own pet?! Your list of responsibilities is not too small. You will have to feed him, bathe, play with him and watch him grow. This may sound like a routine, but it is not like this at all. Pou is a very intelligent and will also provide you with all sorts of cute tricks and behavior.


You may also try to unlock different outfits for him and see which ones suit your tastes the best. The options for customization are pretty vast, so how will you upgrade your little Pou pet? Feed regularly and care for your little Pou, who needs your attention during the day. Watching him grow is a real delight; hopefully he’s in good hands with you. Don’t forget about the possibility to play games in a specially created room for these purposes and collect coins while you are at it! A really entertaining game consists in experimenting with various potions in the laboratory. You can also customize the appearance of your pet! Try on new outfits, hats and glasses.


If the design of rooms doesn’t fit your tastes then you can always change the wallpaper in each room. As you play the game, you can unlock achievements and special items. Visit your friends and play together with them. Don’t forget that you can also talk with your pet! This app is consistently adding new features and elements into its gameplay and the feedback is really important for its creators. Pou is not an ordinary pet and together with him you will be able to enjoy many entertaining activities.