Pokemon GO 0.105.0

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Pokémons were and always will be popular among anime fans and now among gamers as well. Pokémon GO has reinvented the way we look at mobile apps and especially games, providing us with an unique level of interaction with the real surrounding environment. Become an expert in the world of this cute and yet really dangerous beasts that have conquered millions of players around the world. Explore your environments in the search for these wonderful creatures and try to complete all the objectives that are being proposed to you. You will get rewards for completing various missions and quests.

Pokemon GO

A completely new level of interaction awaits you! Now everybody knows what a Pokémon Trainer’s job is. Taming these beasts is not easy, but with a little help and experience you will definitely succeed. Try to catch them all! This game analyzes your environment and offers you the possibility to travel around and, at the same time, search for these hard to catch beasts. Use your GPS and then camera to spot Pokémon and get the chance to throw the pokéball to catch them. Your incredible friends will evolve and become even more powerful. Help them achieve their ultimate form! Your phone will notify you if there are any Pokémon in the vicinity.

Pokemon GO

If you don’t act quickly then they will run away and you will miss your chance. What’s interesting is that Pokémon that represent different elements, like water and earth will appear in distinctive areas. For example, the water based beats will appear near water basis, such as lakes, rivers or oceans. Join one of the three teams and fight together in order to conquer the Pokémon gyms. If you win one then you will later have to protect it from those who want to take it from you. Team work will help you defeat the powerful Raid Boss, a very strong and fierce Pokémon.