Pixel Gun 3D 12.5.2

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Fight online together with millions of players around the world! You can create your own unique online character with the built-in skins editor and go out with this hero on the battlefield! The game includes a variety of weapons, ranging from the Magic Wand to Combat Rifle M16 and to the Tesla Generator. There is an in-game chat that allows you to communicate with other players. Enjoy several shooting online modes: Classic Deathmatch, Team battles, Capture the flag, Capture points and time Co-survival. Pixel man found himself in a terrible situation.

Pixel Gun 3D

One night a bunch of frightening zombies arrived and attacked his farm! Later, he finds out that zombies are not only in front of his house, but they are also everywhere! Will he be able to find out the reason for the zombie apocalypse? Keep playing until the end to unravel the true mystery of the world of Pixel Gun 3D! There is a separate game mode that will allow you to test your survival skills. How much time can you survive? How many waves of monster attacks can you overcome? Experience an unexpected combination of different types of monsters. You will get awarded after you’ve completed a wave of zombies!

Pixel Gun 3D

Achieve a top result and compare it with the achievements of your friends! If you became friends with someone in the game and want to add him to your friend list, then all you need to do is click on the player’s name and send a friend request! And then you will be able to communicate and play together. Monitor the achievements of friends in the leaderboard. In addition, you can create your own clan, consisting of your friends and best players. Enjoy a variety of game modes. All of them are available for free. Find out more than 100 weapons. Discover over 35 game maps and campaign locations. Enjoy the cool HD graphics and exciting sound effects.