Major Gun: war on terror 4.0.8

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Terrorist attacks are one of the main problems of the modern society. Your task is to eliminate those who threaten the world peace and you can use almost limitless resources in order to achieve this goal. At your disposal is an incredible arsenal: machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles and other deadly weapons. If you slow down for just a second then the terrorist forces will seize the ports, subway stations and oil rigs. It is time to deal with this problem! If you are truly motivated to safe the world then Major Gun: War on Terror is the perfect game for you.

Major Gun: war on terror

The biggest advantage of the game is its arcade gameplay, which will provide you with an exciting experience and uninterrupted shooting. Train, and soon you will become one of those guys are able to stop crowds of terrorists singlehandedly. Improve your arsenal of weapons and choose the best one for each specific mission. Test your fighting skills with different opponents. The main thing is to kill all the enemies and save the hostages. Various locations, environments, explosions and much more are waiting for you in this game. Fight with the main enemy and try to survive in order to unlock the next location. Each new level is set in a unique 3D environment, with its specific features.

Major Gun: war on terror

The game world is created with a good amount of humor, which you will definitely find entertaining. In addition to about 100 missions, in Major Gun you will find a wide variety of game modes. Clear the area of the enemy soldiers and save the hostages. Check your speed and accuracy of shooting in survival mode. Show everyone who is the best shooter in sniper mode. Try to cope with the formidable special-purpose soldiers or get ready for the final test and kill the boss. All the action can be found right here. Are you ready for it?