download LAST DAY ALIVE 0.7.0 for free

Everybody knows what would happen if zombies became reality thanks to games such as Last Day Alive. Prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse and learn the ways to destroy them most efficiently. Use your guns to survive in this incredibly tense shooter. Danger awaits you everywhere and it is up to you to save the last survivors and yourself during these dark times in the history of humanity. You are not alone in this adventure because you have your whole arsenal with you. Use rifles, grenades, shotguns in order to defend yourself.


Enemy bases may contain precious items and resources, so lay havoc on their shelters and take everything you can with you. Battle other players in a variety of modes. You can form strong alliances and fight side by side to destroy your common enemies. Everybody is going to fear your power. The territories that are controlled by zombies are constantly expanding and there will be nowhere left to live if you don’t deal with hordes of the undead just in time. You are the only hope for all the stranded survivors. There are no rules in this crazy world where everybody’s fighting for survival. Lay waste on your enemy bases if you want to succeed in your mission.


There are not only zombies that would like to challenge your skills. Battle against other players in the PVP mode and see who’s better adapted. Upgrade your arsenal to gain the upper hand. In this post-apocalyptic world is no place for panic. You should stay focused at all time if you don’t want to get caught by a sudden attack. There is only one thing you can do here – adapt to the situation and fight without following any kind of rules. There are no rules! Dark times require dark methods and different types of zombies won’t let you much time to breathe. Make sure to deal with them as quickly as possible!