Hungry Shark World 2.8.0

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Hungry Shark World is a game that received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and players around the world and was considered one of the best in its year of release. This time sharks returned in this huge bloodthirsty continuation of Hungry Shark Evolution! You are a shark and your task is to create a devouring madness! Conquer the oceans and devour everything in your path, from small fish and birds to enormous whales and carefree people! There is a big number of sharks to choose from! Here you have sharks of 7 size categories, including a ferocious predator – the great white shark!

Hungry Shark World

Explore the picturesque islands of the Pacific Ocean, the snow-covered Arctic Ocean, the exotic Arabian Sea, and now the South China Sea – a whole city full of careless sacrifices! Plunge into the abyss of all-devouring insanity with stunning 3D graphics, which will make you appreciate the beauties of the subaquatic world! There is no place for hesitation so eat or be eaten in this broth of hundreds of appetizing and dangerous sea creatures. There are a lot of things that may stop your progress underwater! Discover all the exotic upgrades for your sharks. Enhance your shark by equipping it with strengthening dental devices. Bite harder, swim faster and become hungrier!

Hungry Shark World

Can you imagine a shark without headphones, umbrellas or jet packs? Try to complete more than 20 tasks and try to achieve the ultimate challenge and beat the time record. Epic battles with bosses are waiting for you here! Eat and devour everything you see in order to survive and gain power. Unleash the predatory potential of the shark: super-predator mode, explosions, hypnosis and much more! The control system will allow you to manage the movements your shark in a variety of ways. Now you can control the shark by simply tilting the device!