Hungry Dragon 1.3

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Dragons can really be dangerous, but the fun you get from playing together with them is immeasurable. Unleash their full potential in Hungry Dragon and see just how devastating their powers can be for humans and various different objects. When a dragon is hungry then everyone should run as far as possible or else he will be eaten immediately. This action-arcade rampage game is everything you need in order to taste every single thing that’s presented as food here. You are given dragons to control and now you should hunt for prey and eat everything while they don’t suspect a single thing.

Hungry Dragon

This game is set in a medieval world, so be sure that people know exactly what a dragon is and will act accordingly. Collect all 10 dragons and unleash their fury. They all have unique abilities and traits. Even though they have no mercy, they are extremely cute and entertaining at the same time. Various powerups will help you burn and eat more, so try to equip your dragons in different costumes in order to see their full potential. Various boosters can be used in order to give your dragons more power for a limited time. Leveling up requires eating and devouring the delicious townsfolk among other things. Everything can be destroyed here in a matter of seconds.

Hungry Dragon

Entire towns can be taken down, together with forests, caves, mines and more. Smashing through obstacles will allow you to unlock new territories and hidden passages. Don’t hesitate to aim for a highest score on the leaderboards. Your dragons are difficult to satisfy and they will crave for more food! This incredible game features colorful graphics and smooth animation, especially for the dragons. This 3D game will burn everything on its path. Your fire will roast medieval birds, trolls, witches and many more things. This is the perfect opportunity to let them feel the burn!