Hill Climb Racing 1.37.0

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Hill Climb Racing is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining racing games set in a realistic background! There is no need to pay for it either! Meet Newton Bill, who is a young and very promising driver. He is going to embark on a journey to different exotic locations where it seems like has not ever been any vehicle before this time. The laws of physics are not a reason concern for our main hero Newton Bill, he will not be able to sleep at night until he conquers the highest peaks, even those on the surface of the Moon! Experience the adrenaline of high-speed climbing and unique landscapes with the help from various powerful vehicles.

Hill Climb Racing

Get bonuses for doing dangerous tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even greater heights. But beware: with his neck, Bill is no longer the boy he once was, and the fuel can quickly end and leave them no choice but to retire and try next time! The game features many different vehicles with unique customizable characteristics (motorcycles, trucks, jeeps, tanks, etc.). You can improve the following parts: engine, suspension, tires and wheel drive. There are numerous stages with game levels (village, desert, Arctic and the Moon!).

Hill Climb Racing

Use the ability to share your results with your friends by using screenshots! Experience the excellent graphics and perfect simulation of realistic physics. Graphics are well adapted for devices, both low and high resolution (including tablets). Enjoy the realistic turbo sound after upgrading the engine! There is no way you will forget his adventures soon. Take part in this unique quest and help Bill reach new heights! There is just one way to go – up! Conquer your fear of heights and attempt to set the highest score. With the help of powerful cars you will be able to conquer any peak!