Hay Day 1.37.104

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Playing this farm game will bring you lots of excitement and joy. This is one of the best farm simulators for Android mobile devices. Millions of downloads have made this game the most popular choice in the whole genre. Get accustomed to your land and take care of the crops, trade goods with neighbors and friends. This is a very special place, where there is neither bad weather nor drought, and the crops are always in abundance. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if this was the situation in reality? It is a fun and interesting game, because the farm includes animals with really strange behavior!

Hay Day

It is important to point out that Hay Day can be played by people of all ages. Even though this game is free, some items in the game can be purchased for real money. In order to enjoy this game you will need a constant internet connection on your Android device. Hay Day features a gameplay that allows you to position every object in the desirable area. Take and move all the items and place them wherever you want. Everything you grow on you farm can be sold later. Sell you fresh fruit and vegetables to your neighbors in your own roadside shop. In order to deliver the goods you will need a powerful truck or even a boat if the distance is too huge.

Hay Day

You don’t need to take care exclusively of your farm. Explore other possibilities, like fishing. You can engage in this activity after you fix the boat. Finally, you can build your own town and invite guests. Let them see the results of your hard work and appreciate your effort. This cinematic simulator will offer everything that is necessary to make you feel like you are managing a real farm. There are almost no limitations to the amount of interesting things you can do here. Hey, who knows, maybe one day you will decide to build your own real farm. This game will create an atmosphere of joy and accomplishment.