Geometry Dash 2.111

download Geometry Dash 2.111 for free

Geometry Dash will make sure to test your skills to the fullest. Are you ready to experience the dangers of this action platform game? There are nearly impossible tasks waiting for you in this game and you will have to overcome all the obstacles to succeed in this adventure. You are awaited by lots of spikes and spiky objects, so make sure to go in carefully. Jump flip and make your way through all this madness that’s waiting for you ahead. The controls in this game are not difficult to figure out and you basically can manage all the game through a series of taps. Even though the concept of the game seems rather simple, it will keep you entertained for many hours.

Geometry Dash

All those dangerous passages will strike fear into your heart once you’ll encounter real difficulties on your path. Enjoy multiple levels and try to keep yourself focused at all times. The game features rockets, flip gravity and lots of other exciting things. The soundtrack represents another standout feature and it will help you get into the atmosphere of each level. In addition, you can create and design your own levels through the level editor. Your character’s look may seem dull after a while, but you have the chance to customize its look through unlocking icons and using a variety of colors.

Geometry Dash

The practice mode will help you understand the gameplay and get used to it much quicker. Try to complete all achievements and get all the rewards for your hard work! There are no in-app purchases, so you will have to operate with everything that this game is offering you. The challenges will become more and more difficult with each level, so try to adapt to them! Geometry Dash won’t let you get bored and will throw new obstacles at you on a constant basis. Your speed of reflexes will play an important role, so don’t waste any time or movements here!