Firstborn: Kingdom Come 0.9.38

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Do you know what it is like to be king? This is not an easy task, but when you are born to inherit the throne you don’t have much of a choice. Now rise and take your place on the Firstborn throne! You will have to take command of armies and lands. Everything is in your hands and you have the absolute power. Everything you say or do will have consequences though. If you want to be a good ruler then you will have to choose your leading characters wisely, because they will be the ones who will lead your troops into the battles. Your enemies are players from all over the world. If your will to survive is strong then you will have to forge powerful alliances together with your friends.

Firstborn: Kingdom Come

Firstborn: Kingdom Come is an immersive real-time strategy game for Android mobile devices. Your Kingdom is not what it used to be, but now that you take your rightful place on the throne, there’s nothing that can stop you on the way to complete domination. Your enemies will regret approaching your territories, because you will fight till the last blood drop to protect what is yours. Enjoy the stunning graphics. All the characters are fully realized in this huge world. 3D graphics will make your every encounter and interaction even more memorable.

Firstborn: Kingdom Come

You will have to use your wit and power to overcome all the hardships and be the winner in the world where millions of other real players have already mastered their role. Your castle needs good protection, so be sure to provide upgrades and equipment to those heroes that are showing the most potential. The stronger your heroes are the more advantage you will gain over the opposing kingdoms. Everybody is out to get you, but you can outsmart you enemy by using careful planning. Participate in dangerous quests and hunt down nefarious monsters. You will get well rewarded for the completion of these quests.