Eden Renaissance 1.1

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Eden Renaissance is a puzzle game that finally has made its way to the Android mobile devices. It is an extremely entertaining game featuring well written characters and really good graphics. Would you like to find out more about well kept secrets of humanity? This is your chance to dive deeper into the mysteries of the world and uncover important truths. Thanks to various twists and turns you won’t ever get bored with Eden Renaissance. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to uncover the most protected secrets of humanity? This is an exciting step-by-step puzzle game, the action of which unfolds in a luxurious world with a deep and rapidly developing history.

Eden Renaissance

Meet the central character of the story by the name of Ran, who is an archeologist. He has encountered Golem Eden – Master of the Elements. Embark on an exciting adventure that will connect your destinies with the salvation of the whole world! Think, explore and discover forgotten skills of Eden. Unite your forces in order to save the world from all the dangers. This is a task that’s going to require a lot of skills and thinking. The game features more than 100 unique puzzles. Play and explore the beauties of seven unique locations. Learn about different techniques and mechanisms. The both main characters get stronger when they unite their forces.

Eden Renaissance

See what they can do when you combine their powers. The story is really important to keep you invested in the adventures of this game, so you will get to see beautifully illustrated cut scenes that will get you even more motivated for future actions. Unlocking additional items will require collecting a big number of hidden objects that are spread throughout the game. An interesting mini-game is also included. The app features many languages for the convenience of players around the world.