Drive Ahead! 1.69.2

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Drive Ahead! is a gladiatorial fighting on powerful cars. Smash your friends and enemies to pieces and destroy their helmets with a whole set of extreme vehicles, from monster trucks to alien UFOs! Enjoy the complete mayhem and get engaged into battles with opponents where you will have to drive right on the driver’s helmets and cause many spectacular accidents. You will completely lose the sense of time and reality while you will be completely swollen by this awesome game. Drive Ahead! features four game modes. Fight against friends in the PvP game mode on the same device or via WiFi in local multiplayer mode!

Drive Ahead!

Perform tasks in the stadiums and arenas. You will be able to notice strange creatures around you, such as dinosaurs, aliens and robots! Become a king of this extreme sport, where you can turn everything into dust. Make sure to survive in order to win. You have the possibility to record the best moments from the game and share them with your friends. There are also contests for the best videos. You can now become the next star of Drive Ahead! thanks to your cool videos. Create matches individually or give yourself up to the will of fortune and win wild matches against randomly selected opponents!

Drive Ahead!

Can you hit the monster truck with a racing card? The game of hide and seek will not save you – you will find Sudden death in the form of saw blades, walls of fire and floods! The only way to survive is to attack right through your opponent! Collect virtual currency and spend it on a slot machine that lets you open access to hundreds of different vehicles and a bunch of new arenas! You will get the chance to unlock more cool things as you go along! A big number of cool and customizable items are waiting for you. The world of crazy matches with powerful cars is waiting for you!