Clash of Lords 2 1.0.255

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Try your skills in one of the best strategy games for Android mobile devices. Spectacular fights in the arena will make you remember what a real fight is all about. Your land is in danger and you will have to come up with a plan to defend it. Use epic heroes to battle for glory! Are you up for this challenge? In order to survive here you will need not only power, but with and a lot of motivation as well. The army of frightening fiends is coming and you need to use your favorite Clash of Lords characters to stop them from destroying what you love and carry about. It is time to become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen in this fantastic adventure!

Clash of Lords 2

This is mainly a strategy game, but it blends elements of other genres as well. This is why it feels fresh and unique in many ways. Your army needs powerful heroes and you have the chance to recruit more than 50 characters and use them to defend your base and find together with your friends in order to defeat your common enemy. A huge number of players around the world are waiting for your help. Enjoy the 10 PVE and PVP modes. Realize your full potential and make the enemy go away. No more playing around with the dangerous fiends because they don’t deserve your mercy. This time you will have to put an end to their terror.

Clash of Lords 2

The outcome of the battles depends on your actions; you can activate the special skills in real time. Create a perfect combination of soldiers by using heroes and mercenaries. Fight together with your friends! Join a Guild, and battle with players from all over the world! Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle offers you’re the perfect chance to battle against players from different countries! Being the best strategist is not easy and you will have to enhance your heroes to stay competitive. Build your base and defend it!