Child 0.2

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Child is a puzzle game that has a really noble goal and shows your compassion. There is nothing nobler than helping a child in a sad situation. The girl named Lily is all alone, because her little brother went missing. He has disappeared very quickly and now Lily has to try and find him. Will you help Lily on her journey to find her missing little brother? If you decide to help her then you will most certainly enjoy the amazing features this game has to offer. The game features a stunning but minimalist graphic design and an ambient soundtrack that will not distract you from solving the puzzled.


Child is a challenging and immersive 3D puzzle game that will take a while to complete. Your goal is to help navigate the little girl across the grid by managing the puzzle pieces in her path to form a safe route to the final tile. It may sound simple, but there are things that will have to be taken into consideration, like the different colors of tiles. They will display different behaviors and will only be moved into a certain direction. The tricky part is that the tiles may have to be moved multiple times before Lily manages to reach to her destination. Logic thinking will be required in order to solve all the puzzles.


This is a 3D puzzle game with an interesting and engaging story. Help Lily find her path to her little brother. There is not much she can do on her own, so this is why you are her only hope that’s left. If you are tired of solving typical puzzles that don’t have any kind of motivation elements behind them then Child is your way to experience a new concept. Lily will be really grateful for your hard work and maybe, just maybe you will manage to get her reunited with the lost little brother. Wouldn’t you like to see a happy end of this story? Help the little girl get through a variety of challenging puzzles!