Block Craft 3D 2.10.2

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Are you fond of building games? Block Craft is a new simulator game for Android mobile devices where the player gets the chance to build his own city. Start crafting and show your game skills and your grand constructions to the whole world. Block Craft is a free game for the whole family members. This game features the possibility to design a lot of different buildings. Who will be able build the best building? Join this fascinating gameplay. Playing with animals in the countryside is really exciting! The multiplayer mode gives you the opportunity to communicate with other players and check their own buildings.

Block Craft 3D

Playing this way is much more exciting! Both boys and girls can equally enjoy this game. Use your imagination and remember that there are no limits to your creativity. Start building today and get acquainted with your friendly neighbors. If you like pixilated style of graphics then you will most certainly enjoy Block Craft 3D. By selling your constructions you can even acquire diamonds! You can choose your character and customize it the way you like, changing clothes and appearance. The possibilities are limitless because here you can build a simple and plain house, a huge castle or even a futuristic space station!

Block Craft 3D

Pets are a good option for those who would like to diversify their gameplay. Design your own furniture for your buildings; it is a lot of fun! You can spend days with this game and not get tired of it because there are so many things to explore and ideas to put into development. Get comfortable and start building real monuments like the Eiffel Tower. Adopt various pets if you get tired of dealing only with people. There are dogs, cats, horses and even elephants you can select from. Inspect your friend’s buildings and see who is more creative. You can do much better if you let your imagination run wild!