Bitcoin Billionaire 4.3.1

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Is tapping your thing? Bitcoin Billionaire was created for those who dream of incredible wealth and fortune and are ready to work hard to achieve it. Your goal is to mine Bitcoins and this can be done with a lot of patience! Sit down and start tapping! Get ready to use everything you got to make the most out of the situation you found yourself in. You start only with your character in a small room. You can customize his look and get to work. By completing a big number of achievements and challenges you will be able to increase your fortune and the speed of mining Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Billionaire

If you think that your character has a wooden personality then you are completely mistaken. He will actually talk to you and tell you how he feels. His only goal is to work endlessly. Are you on the same page with him? There is no way that you won’t be entertained by the things he has to say. Take a look at the news reports and see what they have to say about you! You start with old and damaged furniture, but by increasing your wealth you will be able to purchase brand new furniture and even move to a fancier apartment. Do you think a private island is a good enough place for you? Investing is the key to success and every idea deserves your attention.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Things like robot butlers, holographic dating and other interesting concepts will need your support! Without smart investments your progress will be much slower. Don’t forget about upgrading your software and your every tap will generate even more Bitcoins. You won’t notice how your skills will get better after hours of addictive gameplay. You can use a time travel machine and mine Bitcoins in different eras. You will notice this by the changing environment and will immediately understand which era you are in. Adopt a cute pet and enjoy your way to big opportunities!