Bigfoot Quest 1.0

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Go on a biggest adventure of your life to explore the forests of the Pacific Northwest in search of the famous for its elusiveness Bigfoot or Sasquatch. A lot of books were written, a lot of vague photos were taken, but did anyone actually find the Bigfoot? Discover the beautiful scenery, find hints and solve the puzzles during the time you are playing this action-adventure puzzle game in the style of “point and click”. Your uncle Henry camped in dense forests in the Pacific Northwest in search of the mysterious Bigfoot. He asks for your help, because he has come close to the discovery of the lair of the Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Quest

Will you find the elusive Bigfoot? Your uncle Henry was widely known for his discoveries of lost treasures from very ancient times. His legendary stories about adventures have increased your imagination even from the earliest childhood. Now that you have acquired certain archaeological skills, he will ask you from time to time for your help in finding these hard-to-reach treasures. This exciting game features specially designed beautiful HD graphics! There is a custom created soundtrack and amazing sound effects! Use the built-in hint system when you are stuck in one place and can’t seem to find the needed solution.

Bigfoot Quest

There is a dynamic map to show the screens that you have visited, and your current location. You won’t ever get lost in your discoveries because you are equipped with a camera that takes pictures of clues and symbols when you discover them. You are being waited by dozens of puzzles, clues and secret objects. Your progress through the game will be automatically saved. The game was made available for phones and tablets that run on Android! Are you ready to find the Bigfoot? This will take time and effort, but it the end you will be content with the result!