Big Hunter 2.8.1

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Ancient tribes had a hard time surviving in those difficult times. There were no modern weapons, electricity or anything else! Join a tribe of courageous people on this awesome adventure. Big hunter is an extremely popular entry for android devices, with tens of millions of downloads around the world. Your tribe is starving and you have to get them food! Those gigantic animals will provide enough food resources for your people. Follow the story of a bushman tribe that lived in a secluded location. The harsh weather conditions were really bad for the vegetation and so the people of the tribe were starving. Now the leader of the tribe has to go hunting on a daily basis to feed his people.

Big Hunter

Big Hunter follows a story of survival and there is no place for mistake. This game is based on realistic physics and you will have to hunt down giant animals with the help of spears, boomerangs and axes. Become a real specialist with this weapon choice. This app features dynamic physics and an easy control system optimized for mobile devices. The sound design is incredible and will get you pumped up for a real fight. The simple graphic design offers you everything necessary to enjoy this game to the maximum.

Big Hunter

Show off your hunting skills and share your results via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Game is optimized for different screen resolutions. You skills will be needed in order to complete more than 100 challenging levels. There is no need to hesitate because your goal is noble. Feed the starving tribe and help them survive in these unforgiving conditions. Master the weapons of your choice and take down dangerous beasts that will be able to feed all your tribe. Get ready to fight for survival in this incredible adventure game!