Angry Birds Go! 2.6.3

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Welcome to the downhill slopes of the Green Pig Island! Feel the thrilling sounds of races as you get ready to get behind the steering wheel! Prepare for incredibly steep turns! Beware of dangers on the road and tricky opponents that are ready to do anything in order to win. Get ahead of them all, win prizes, improve your cars and become the best racer in the history of the Pig Island! Angry Birds Go is your perfect racing game! You can play on the side of birds and on the side of pigs! Jump behind the wheel, playing for your favorite character from the rich world of Angry Birds in this stunning 3D game! Try your skills in incredibly addictive races that are full of surprises and prizes!

Angry Birds Go!

There are a lot of racing tracks to choose from and stunt to perform, such as air flights and off-road rallies all offer unexpected and exciting trials! The race is not only about speed, but also about outsmarting your opponents. You can take them out with the help of special abilities. Improving cars is an important feature that lets you get an upper hand over your opponents on the racing tracks. Would you like to be the top racer on the island? Prove to everybody that you are the fastest and climb the rankings in the leaderboards.

Angry Birds Go!

By participating daily in the races you will get the opportunity to find a hidden box with awesome gifts on the track. Tired of playing alone? Now you can invite your friends and play together with them via the Wi-Fi network. Don’t miss the chance to play with your favorite characters and enjoy a variety of races where you can show how good your skills really are. This multiplayer experience will let you be together with your friends for a great adventure. Angry Birds are back in a completely new format. You haven’t expected that, but you will most certainly enjoy what’s in stored for you.