Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.2

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Experience one of the most action-packed and colorful games on Android. This is a feel good game where nothing stands between you and a total chaos of destruction. Try to follow all the huge events and little things that will be happening on your screen. As the name of the game tells Aliens Drive Me Crazy feature the creatures that came to Earth to complete their evil plans. A whole alien invasion ship is now on the Earth’s orbit and you are the only one who can stop this danger. Nobody knew that this day would have come and nobody was prepared, so they suddenly lost all satellite communication and there’s no way to tell what is happening in the world.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Those who have survived the first was of invasion must fight back by using guerrilla tactics. Maybe you don’t have exotic and powerful weapons to choose from the very start, but what you have is a car with the help of which you can travel through the city, blasting everything that stands in your way. Your goal is to reach to the alien base and try to take them out. Your path will be full of obstacles and evil bosses. By completing the stages of the game you will gradually unlock powerful weapons and new vehicles. Use powerups to make things easier when you get into deep trouble.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Even though the premise of the game is pretty straightforward, you will still get a blast from all the destruction and chaos that you yourself will bring upon the evildoers. Your journey will be aided by special sets of weapons, air strikes and other useful stuff. You will unlock interesting vehicles as you go along and there’s also the possibility to customize your character. Don’t forget to complete the achievements and share your results with friends. They may get interested in what you are doing! It is really easy to control the movements of your character, use his full potential to fight the alien forces!