A Planet of Mine 1.02

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A Planet of Mine is an interesting mobile strategy game with an exciting premise. Can you manage a whole planet and use its resources wisely? You can answer this question by actually trying to build your own civilizations on top of a planet. Each planet will be unique with resources being randomly distributed across its surface. The galaxy is keeping many secrets for us to discover and today you may be much closer to finding an answer to our own existence. Craft unique things and try to implement various techniques to increase the productivity of your lands. Each race of extraterrestrial beings is unique in their own way and you will have to use their abilities to your own advantage.

A Planet of Mine

Everything you will need to see and known will be displayed on your screen and you won’t even have to scroll. The creators of the game have made everything compact enough in order to make it more convenient for the players. Other alien races may try to create a contact with your planet and its up to you to decide whether to let them live in your world or wipe them out in a matter of seconds. You have found yourself in a difficult position where you have almost unlimited power, but this doesn’t mean that you can achieve everything really fast.

A Planet of Mine

A lot of dedication and careful planning is needed in order to create and then later control a whole planet with its own civilization and resources. Turn the available resources in necessary items, like, for example, you can turn wood into paper. Some planets may even host conditions too violent for existence of life on their surface. Not every planet has optimal conditions for survival and prosperity of your colony. You will have to use your resources wisely and get the most out of them. All the stats will be displayed on your screen and you will be able to monitor all the changes that are happening to your planet.